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Re: Movies Seen In 2013

Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy - HBO on Demand
Pain & Gain - free admission
Iron Man Three 2D/3D - free admission/free admission
On the Town - free admission
Public Enemies - DVD
New York, I Love You - DVD
The World Before Her - free admission
The Legend of Billy John - free admission
Star Trek Into Darkness IMAX/3D - free screening/free admission
The Great Gatsby 3D (2013) - free admission
Iron Man: Rise of Technovore - DVD
Cabaret - free admission
The Source Family - free admission
Detention (2011) - free admission
Turkish Star Trek (1973) - free admission
Pieta - free admission
Superman Unbound - DVD

Only two new movies this week, I must be slippin'...

Went into work early the other day, and watched Pieta, the latest from Drafthouse Films, before my shift. Its a Korean movie about a loan shark collector who maims the borrowers that can't pay back the loans until he meets a woman who claims to be his mother that abandoned him as a baby.

Followed that up with Superman Unbound on DVD. Superman goes off in search of Brainiac after a probe lands in Arizona, and finds the lost city of Kandor while Supergirl is charged with protectin' Earth. I picked up the blu ray, for the exclusive bonus features, but haven't watched 'em yet.

The "Flashpoint" trailer looks like it could be cool, though.
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