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Re: RLM - Half in the Bag does STID [SPOILERS]

Wow at the anger/hate on display on a forum over people who discussed the movie on video rather than through text like we're doing now. Look, if you disagree, that's cool, but I'm with these guys 100%. Their views fall nicely in line with mine so it's nice to hear their thoughts.

I think we all need to agree that not everyone will love these new movies and not everyone will hate them. But the attitude that people who dislike them are "fanboys who can't get over their nostalgia" is asinine. People can have legit complaints about the film.

The point about "dumb" comes up a lot. Whenever someone says the new movies are dumb, the comeback now is "Trek was always dumb." That's just reductive and untrue.

And they went on for forty five minutes because there was stuff to talk about. We're going to be on this forum for months or years talking about the movie, so why get on them for how long they talked?

And it was not a rant. Please don't overuse that word. I'd prefer it if you listened and countered their points. Then we can have a discussion about the film.
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