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I hope there are interviews with the ILM guys soon. I'd love to know what else they changed. has already got article, interview & podcast up. I don't think CINEFEX comes out for another month. No mention of anything interesting FXwise in the piece.
They still publish Cinefex??
In 2000 the published told me he intended to close up shop by 2005, but I guess there is just way too much in ad revenues for them to give up.

After a long stretch of abstaining, I finally broke down and picked up a few used copies in the last couple of years and wasn't terribly impressed. There isn't enough traditional effects work to justify making-of pictures in most cases and they still don't go all nuts&bolts on how to do CG, so it seems to be lists of 'we used ___ to render.' That's only based on a few issues though.

Pretty far cry from the genuinely interesting coverage of THE RIGHT STUFF and ALTERED STATES, which seemed to inform as much about creative points of view as about tech stuff.
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