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Re: MLB Season Discussion - 2013

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I'm just going to go ahead and declare that inside-the-park walk-off dingers are The Best Dingers.

All who challenge this will be banned.
The last time that happened was 2004, against the Rockies of all teams. Because the whole No-Hitter thing has become slightly overrated, the Inside the Park home run is now the best thing in Baseball. To have it be a walk off puts it almost on Perfect Game levels.
Well, let's not go nuts.

It's certainly a rare and exciting play. But it's still just one play.

I would argue it's not even in the same league as getting 27 outs in a row.

Still, congrats on a very cool way to win.
The thing is though that the Perfect game isn't as rare as it used to be. We've seen in the last couple of years a Perfect game (Some unofficial Perfect games too, like the one in Detroit), yet the last time we saw an inside the park walk off home run was 9 years ago. I would say considering the direction the game has taken (towards more of the pitcher), getting a perfect game isn't as hard as it used to be. Granted, it's still quite an achievement, but when you say the inside the park home run is just one play, well it's one play that doesn't happen nearly as much. That's why I put them "almost" on the same level. Both are hard, but for different reasons, but the Inside the Park is a lot more rare.
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