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Re: Klingons in STID--why do they look like [SPOILERS]?

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OTOH, the lack of other time travel events that can no longer occur in the Abrams universe -- particularly, the lack of Starfleet intervention against the Devidians, Kirk never crossing paths with Gary 7 and the Enterprise never triggering a continent-wide panic by suddenly showing up on NORAD's air defense radars. Likewise: transparent aluminum now won't be invented until the 2030s and not by Dr. Nichols; Gillian Taylor will still be in Frisco when the Eugenics Wars kick off, and there will be no record of a retarded Russian inexplicably appearing in the reactor room of the USS Enterprise and being subsequently captured, only to be extracted by a group of armed men who get cornered in an elevator only to literally vanish into thin air.

IOW, when Narada destroyed the Kelvin, it didn't just affect the future of that timeline, it also affected anything that has ever been done by time travelers.
Your opinion. I disagree with just about every single word in your post, but if thinking that none of the time travel we've seen in Trek since TOS has "now" happened thanks to Nero's arrival in 2233 is something that floats your boat and helps you make sense of things, then more power to you.

If time travel in the Prime reality has been changed and none of the visitations by TOS and other series' and films' characters to the past even happened, then shouldn't Nero's and Spock's travel into the past from Prime 2387 (the post-Nemesis Picard era) have also, you know....not happened? Should the Abramsverse even exist at all?

It's Trek time travel. It rarely makes sense and is full of contradictions and paradoxes, but as far as this lifelong fan is concerned Kirk and crew were on Earth in 1930, 1968, 1969 and 1986. Quark and the gang crashed near Roswell in 1947. Picard and his people visited 1893. Sisko, Bashir and Dax materialized in 2024. The 1701-E crew helped Cochrane make his first warp flight and defeated the Borg in 2063.

Etc., etc., etc.
We lived through another's a good excuse to celebrate.

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