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Re: Have you heard of this College?

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Might want to focus on getting your undergrad work taken care of before you start getting pie-in-the-sky dreams of a master's degree in physics.
Indeed. Four years is a long time, and there is a lot of work to do before you should even start thinking about grad school. Who knows what might change between now and then?
Isn't that the truth!

I started college intending to major in Subject #1, but after one semester figured out that I was more interested Subject #2, so I majored in that. Then they dropped the courses I was most interested in, so I unhappily shifted to Subject #3. By junior year, I realized that where I really wanted to be was Subject #4, but it would've taken an extra semester to graduate, and I just wasn't that motivated, so I stayed with Subject #3.

A couple years later, I got a masters in Subject #5, which was related to what they had eliminated from Subject #2. Not sure why I didn't go for Subject #2 itself. Probably just because #5 was a shorter program and available at a university within walking distance of my apartment. About 15 years later -- obviously way more motivated by then -- I finally went and got a masters in Subject #4.

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