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Are they? In what sense? Not a lot of Glenn Miller fans these days, but would we be doing Glenn Miller's music any favors by converting into dubstep?

How far can you alter the original before it is no longer substantively what it was (Ship of Theseus)? How far can you push things before you lose the soul of the original?
Why does everything have to pander to old fans? Just because I've liked Star Trek longer than someone else doesn't mean that my opinion is the only one that matters. And I didn't like TOS or most of the movies. Never have. The acting is wooden and the stories are, for the most part, bad. And it has absolutely nothing to do with the age of the show, because the original Twilight Zone is one of the best shows I've ever seen. I really enjoyed TNG and DS9, though. And I like this reboot. But I don't demand that everyone like exactly what I like, because what fun would that be? But I respect everyone's opinion on it and I won't insult them simply because they are new to it.
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