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And I am fairly convinced that to a certain group there is no criticism of the new films, no matter how patiently reasoned it may be, which will be tolerated.
Bull. Shit.
Bracketing for the moment, your spotless record of "calling like it is," I would suggest that our discussions are, in fact, terribly polarized with both sides taking offense with little provocation and rallying around their preferred tribes. If you think only one side is guilty of this simply because you think that YOU are even handed is to miss the point.

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But I also know that Star Trek has never been this scientifically accurate, morally righteous creation some folks seem to remember it being. It was incredibly flawed, but fun. The Abrams films are incredibly flawed, but fun.
So what's wrong with asking for less flaws with the fun?

Flawed as Trek is, it occasionally has a message. Sometimes that message is heavy handed and pedantic (TNG anyone?), but it has a moral message, a more or less hopefully image of humanity, and a curiosity about the universe (i.e., What if this were true?).
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