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Re: Starship Size Argument™ thread

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Yeah a few individuals are having a real problem with the new reality... personally I am loving the new ship sizes, I think it is more realistic and an understandable response to the Narada incursion and destruction of Vulcan.
I wouldn't call it "realistic", but justifiable. It's my understanding that real naval vessels are as small as possible for the requirements.
But it's not justifiable from a function point of view. Making something "bigger" because of a threat is....
A common historical occurrence.

From the link:
The preceding Yorktown-class aircraft carriers and the designers' list of trade offs and limitations forced by arms control treaty obligations formed the formative basis from which the Essex class was developed — a design formulation sparked into being when the Japanese and Italians repudiated the limitations proposed in the 1936 revision of the Washington Naval Treaty of 1922 (as updated in October 1930 in the London Naval Treaty) — in effect providing a free pass for all five signatories to resume the interrupted naval arms race of the 1920s in early 1937.


Designed to carry a larger air group, and unencumbered by the latest in a succession of pre-war naval treaty limits, Essex was over sixty feet longer, nearly ten feet wider in beam, and more than a third heavier. A longer, wider flight deck and a deck-edge elevator (which had proven successful in the one-of-a-kind USS Wasp (CV-7)) facilitated more efficient aviation operations, enhancing the ship's offensive and defensive air power.
Summary: The Japanese and the Italians ignored arms control treaties that otherwise would have limited the size of warship construction. The Americans responded by designing a larger and therefore more powerful aircraft carrier, which they later built when war broke out with Japan.

Larger ships can have more powerful engines, better weapons and better equipment. The enlarged Enterprise seems to have all of the above.

The ships in the Abramsverse are big for ONLY ONE reason: they wanted the shuttle bay to look like it could land 1000 troops at once. For some reason, the transporter is no longer the favored method of getting from land to ship.
Which maybe reflects the in-universe reason for the enlargement: Starfleet realized that evacuating the entire crew of a ship with a transporter is a seriously bad idea if you don't have a safe place to beam them TO, which is pretty much always the case in deep space. Escape pods aren't much better, especially if you're up against something like the Narada that is very interested in taking (and murdering) prisoners. Your ship needs enough shuttles to evacuate the entire crew, and it also needs shuttles large enough and powerful enough that the crew can get out of danger and fly to safety on their own.

Moreover, the sheer size of the Narada is suggestive of a ship that could carry not just immense firepower, but whole legions of Romulan shocktroops and all sorts of other nastiness (USS Vengeance was clearly designed along this philosophy, hence the vast amount of empty space to store said nastiness). Making the Enterprise bigger would allow it to be useful as an in-a-pinch troop transport to combat the zerg rush of Romulan troopers if they ever decided to invade.

"Hey, wouldn't it be fucking cool if there were, like, 20 -- no, 30 fucking shuttles parked at once?!!!"
To which the proper answer is: "Why, yes. Yes it would."
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