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Re: is babylonian 5 any good

Or you could just buy a large bottle of Vodka and make a game out of it with some friends. Okay looking at a the rules: a VERY large bottle, or a VERY small shot glass.

The Babylon 5 Drinking Game.


  • Recite the introduction along with Sinclair, Sheridan, etc. Drink once each time you screw up.
  • Yell "Incoming!" and drink once when a blue jump point or jump gate opens.
  • Yell "Outgoing!" and spit (or pretend to) when a yellow jump point or jump gate opens.
  • When a character drinks alcohol, you drink. If a toast is offered, repeat the toast.
    • If the toast is "Valtoo!" take an extra drink.
    • If the drink is a Jovian Sunspot, take an extra drink.
    • If the character is Minbari, chug.
  • Drink once when a Psi-Cop appears.
  • The first time that Lyta Alexander appears on-screen, yell "I'd do her!" regardless of your gender and sexual preference. Whoever says it first wins. Everyone else takes one drink.
  • As above, with "Danger, Will Robinson!" for Lennier.
  • As above, with "It's the One-Armed Man!" for G'Kar.
  • As above, with "Dorfman!" for Vir.
  • Drink once and toast the "Great Maker" when JMS's name appears onscreen.
  • When Garibaldi refers to his nth favorite thing in the universe, drink max(5-n,1) times. Double that amount if we actually see the nth favorite thing.
  • Drink once when someone besides Ivanova exhibits characteristically Russian pessimism.
  • Drink once when Vir takes a stand against someone in a more powerful position (e.g. Londo, Morden).
  • Drink once when anyone imitates Londo.
  • Drink once when a character has a waking dream, vision, premonition, etc.
  • Drink twice if a situation causes a character to recall a waking dream, vision, premonition, etc.
  • Drink once when any of the following characters appear on-screen or are referenced by name in dialogue:
    • Zathras
    • Draal
    • General Franklin
    • General Hague
    • Brother Theo
    • Clark
    • "The First Ones"
    • Lord Refa
    • Nagrath
    • Rebo and Zootie
  • Drink once when Delenn describes a Minbari ritual. Take an extra drink if she does not use the words "It is a tradition among my people" or a variant thereof.
  • Drink once when Delenn recites the following dialogue, or a variation:
    I am grey; I stand between the candle and the star. We are grey; we stand between the darkness and the light.
  • Drink once when Lennier kicks some ass.
  • Drink once when Lennier acts inappropriately for a member of the religious caste (e.g. riding a motorcycle, modeling a bikini, or playing poker).
  • Drink once when a Drazi uses the word "purple" or "green". Yes, every time.
  • Drink when a sector of B5 is mentioned in dialogue.
    • Take a second drink if it's a brown sector, and a third drink if it wasn't a security officer mentioning it.
    • If it's a green sector, yell "Purple!" All but first person to do so take a second drink.
  • Drink once whenever Centauri genitalia are mentioned, or appear on-screen.
  • Drink once whenever G'Kar's sexual habits, preferences, or talents are mentioned.
  • Drink once when the Book of G'Quon is abused.
  • Drink once when a legislature or other ruling body is dissolved.
  • Drink once when any race's homeworld is seen from space. Don't forget about Earth or Z'ha'dum!
  • Drink once when it's pretty clear that somebody is totally naked, even though you can't tell for certain. Twice if it's somebody from the opening credits.
  • Drink once when Bester turns a personal insult into pleasant conversation (e.g. "A piņata? So I'm filled with toys and candy and smiles for children?").
  • Show respect for the dead. For each funeral service performed, stand, uncover, and drink a toast to the departed.
  • Drink once when any of the following is mentioned in dialogue:
    • G'Quon (twice for G'Quon Eth)
    • Illegal orders
    • The chain of command
    • Civilian targets
    • Weapons of mass destruction
    • Earthdome
    • Ultraviolet priority
    • Gold channel
    • Sector 14
    • Orion 7
    • Io transfer point
    • Zeta Squadron
    • Universe Today (twice if it appears onscreen)
    • Spoo (twice if it is "fresh")
    • Flarn
    • Code 7R
    • Quantinium-40
    • The Kha'Ri
  • Drink once when the Great Machine appears onscreen or is referenced in dialogue.
  • Drink once when someone quotes literature. If anyone can identify the author or work, everyone else takes an extra drink.
  • Drink once when the Zima sign appears onscreen.
  • Drink once when a link or Babcom beeps at an inconvenient time.
  • Drink once when Kosh's ship appears on-screen.
  • Drink once if a C&C Tech appears outside of C&C.
  • Drink once if Babylon 5's blast doors close. Drink twice if they should be closed, but nobody thinks to order it.
  • Drink four times if a character listed in the opening credits dies.
  • Drink once whenever somebody says that humans build communities. Drink twice if it is actually relevant.
  • Drink once whenever somebody mentions that there are races millions of years older than our own. Drink twice if it's someone other than Delenn.
  • Drink once for each line Kosh speaks.
  • Drink twice when Kosh appears outside his encounter suit.
  • Drink once when anyone asks, "Who are you?" or "What do you want?"
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