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Re: Starship Size Argument™ thread

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If I point a rocket launcher at you, it will be more intimidating than a handgun, even if it so happens that it's a replica.
I think my comparison was a little more apt than yours. Besides, you should re-watch a key scene from Raiders of the Lost Ark if you want to talk "looking intimidating"....

The ships in the Abramsverse are big for ONLY ONE reason: they wanted the shuttle bay to look like it could land 1000 troops at once.
I know that. We were discussing the in-universe reasons.
No, we're fan-wanking up reasons for why the ships are big, based on the production staff's (probably cocaine-fueled) Hollywood dream of massive starships housing a million shuttles sitting on the head of a pin.

What I meant is that the explanation is not logical in real life but makes a modicrum of sense in movie logic.
It doesn't make any logical sense. If I was worried about my fleet encountering a 5-mile long space octopus from the future with gnarly, secondary-booster-spiked torpedoes, I would make the ships heavily armed, smaller and more maneuverable. That way, less people would be endangered, and they'd be more likely to get away. Why would I put 1000+ people in a giant starship (read: broadside of a barn, vis-a-vis torpedoes) as a sitting duck?

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