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Re: Favourite to least favourite Trek movies and series

TOS - My favorite TV show period. Everything about it just seems to match my personal taste perfectly.

TNG- A wonderful continuation of TOS's themes with a wonderful new cast. TOS is my preference but I can't really argue with people who prefer this one.

DS9- This really felt like the conclusion of Trek to me, with Voyager stuck off in the Delta Quadrant and Enterprise being a prequel. Wonderful series. I was skeptical of this show before I started watching it but it ended up being about as good as TNG.

TAS- I love the TOS cast, and it was wonderful to see them in new adventures. The animation was rarely exciting, but some of the stories were cool and It was more of the big three.

Enterprise- It was.....ok. I'm not a huge fan, but I like what I've seen of the show. Some of the characters aren't interesting, and by this point the plots are a bit stale. That said, I liked the designs of everything and I mostly buy it as a prequel. It's not great....but very watchable.

....big drop....

I don't like Voyager. At it's very best it was watchable. Most of the time it was awful. My best friend still laughs at my "Voyager headaches" that happen whenever he puts on an episode. Yep, this show causes actual pain to me.

Movies- I'm going to separate by TOS and TNG. generally speaking TOS>TNG


TNG- First Contact

Not a fan of J.J. Trek.
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