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It doesn't explain too well about Admiral Marcus' reasons for becoming this dictator, so he wants a war fine.
Actually I thought it explained it quite well. May be easier to catch on a second viewing.

Spock is way too emotional.
Did you see the first movie ?

I know TOS Kirk broke the rules from time to time, but those were under exceptional circumstances, yet Into Darkness just portrays Kirk as this hothead who recoils at following orders.
I don't agree. I think he did the right thing. Living aliens worshipping Enterprise or dead aliens. Which is best ?

Kahn was good, but boy did he make some dumb decisions! He beamed over those torpedoes without checking their contents! I mean if this really is the great masterful Kahn, who sees all and anticipates all, then he didn't cotton onto Spock's Trojan Horse until it was too late.
Isn't that typical of villains, though ? It's not like he could check the contents, anyway. Scotty and Carol tried before and couldn't surmise what was inside until they opened one.

But no, NuTrek Spock is illogically emotional.
You are aware that Vulcans have more emotions than humans, right ?

Finally using a tribble as the mechanism to revive Kirk is so embarrassing.
Mechanism ? The tribble was the guinea pig.

This is not reinventing Star Trek, instead this is killing the franchise because Star Trek cannot compete with superhero movies and (epic) origins movies which are big on action, bling and intense emotions but very light on a decent plot, morality and more natural character development.
Yeah but that's not really Trek's or Abram's fault, is it ? A sign of the times, I'm afraid.

And finally two more points: Starfleet feels too much like an army
I prefer that to Starfleet being explorers. Leave that to scientists and actual explorers, and protect the Federation, sirs.

What Star Trek needs is not another makeover, it needs to return to the basics
Please, no. The basics didn't work anymore. That's why Star Trek was on pause for all that time. And we're not out of the woods, yet.
And that's my opinion.
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