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Near the Romulan Border,

An attack on a decades old Federation protectorate . . .

A world in crisis . . .

A Queen forced to abicate her throne . . .

A cry for help . . .

These are the voyages of the Starship Galaxy NX-70637, the first of her class. After being in Spacedock for 10 years, the Galaxy has been refitted for active duty. While most of the other Galaxy-class ships have either been destroyed or ends up missing in action the Galaxy has stood the test of time to serve Starfleet throughout the difficulties.We are a fun, relaxed sim set in the year 2416.

The following positions are available:
Executive Officer
Chief Engineer
Chief Counselor
Chief Flight Control Officer (Helm)
Chief of Operations
Hazard Team Leader
Chief Communications Officer
Asst. Chief Medical Officer
Asst. Chief of Security
Captain's Yeoman

To apply send a bio along with your simming experience to Captain Bartlet at: or apply at our group site: Click Here for the Groups Site

Feel free to visit our new website: Galaxy Website

Join the U.S.S. Galaxy where adventure awaits for those who show up.

A proud member of Alpha Fleet Simulations Group.
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