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Re: Star Trek Continues "Pilgrim of Eternity"

Itīs a solid episode. I liked the sets (although they do not seem to be very stable )and the cinematography. Acting was ok - especially Chris Doohans performance.

Aside of that, I fully agree with the weak points that Maurice pointed out. Lots of room for improvement. The holodeck scene served no purpose, the new counselor had not much more to do other than flirt with the captain - and the captain didnīt do much. Three discussions in the meeting room? Thatīs even too much for Picard. Apollos wig was pretty distracting - it was on then off and on again. I get what they wanted to achieve, but it didnīt work very well for me. The Bamber-scene also did not work so well - why didnīt he just pointed the phaser away from the ship? I found the vfx also lacking in that sequence, while the other vfx were ok.

Is this still to be considered a "fan" film? Guess all involved are fans - but they are also almost all professionals in the movie industry.

Anyway, itīs a promising start.
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