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Re: Warehouse 13 renewed for fifth/final seasonfinal

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It's for the best. I enjoy it, but it's pure 'fluff' and it wouldn't do to outstay it's welcome. Enough's enough...
Okay, I have to ask: What's wrong with "fluff"? Singin' in the Rain is fluff. A Night in the Opera is fluff. North by Northwest is fluff.

There's no rule that says that genre shows have to be deep and serious to deserve a long run. I can think of a lot of "non-fluffy" shows that I'm going to miss less than WH13.
OK, this is not a hard and fast thing, but a general feeling I have, but WH13 in this instance, and for another example, Chuck, have pretty much exhausted their permutations by about the third season. You can putter along doing much the same thing for a season or two more but...I enjoyed both, but it was time to go. I felt the same about 'non-fluffy' Lost but was invested enough to stay to the disappointing end whereas I may not with WH13.

I must admit that there is always the chance that the creators will have a resurgence and seasons 6 onwards could be outstanding, but it's unlikely.

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