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Re: Movies that OFFEND you

I'm with a couple of other people in here, pretty much the only thing that offends me is blatant historical inaccuracy.

I don't care that you have to make a movie that appeals to Americans/Christians/Males/people with money or whatever other group you are pandering to. Nothing gives you the right to re-write history, to take away the accomplishments of an individual/nation/group and give it to another individual/nation/group, U571 being a great example already mentioned, Argo being another.

For better or for worse people "learn" from movies and TV shows which means that people making those movies and TV shows should strive for a higher goal than just to entertain us, they should also strive not to misinform us.

Taking creative liberty for the sake of storytelling is one thing, blatantly lying is something total different. And that blatant lying is what offends me.
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