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Finally saw Into Darkness and my verdict; it is a train wreck! A steaming pile of boiling emotions, illogical actions and threadbare plots.

It doesn't explain too well about Admiral Marcus' reasons for becoming this dictator, so he wants a war fine. But at best he has authority of ships in the Sol system, what about the rest of the Federation?

Spock is way too emotional. The Uhura/Spock romance still doesn't gel and Spock even contradicts his own logical reasons at times.

As for Kirk... The first quarter of the movie kind of destroyed the very reasons why Kirk was promoted to captain in the first movie. I know TOS Kirk broke the rules from time to time, but those were under exceptional circumstances, yet Into Darkness just portrays Kirk as this hothead who recoils at following orders.

Kahn was good, but boy did he make some dumb decisions! He beamed over those torpedoes without checking their contents! I mean if this really is the great masterful Kahn, who sees all and anticipates all, then he didn't cotton onto Spock's Trojan Horse until it was too late.

Kirk's 'death' scene was good but it was ruined by Spock crying and then shouting 'Kahhnnnn!!!' That was really embarrassing! It would have worked much better if Spock took it stoically like all Vulcans did, it would have worked ten times as well if all you could see was the pain in Spock's eyes but that would be the extent of his outward reaction to the death of Kirk. Hell Odo didn't cry once, but you could always tell when that character was in pain. But no, NuTrek Spock is illogically emotional.

While there are references to the first movie NuTrek movie, this movie doesn't come close to being as good as JJ's first Star Trek film. It needed a solid plot, but there were so many holes, inconsistencies and question marks that the plot didn't add up. It was muddled. I mean why aren't the Klingons at war with Starfleet? Didn't humans attack those Klingons on Qo'noS? Also those Klingons looked hideous! Where was the good old TNG and DS9 Klingon make-up? Finally using a tribble as the mechanism to revive Kirk is so embarrassing.

Lastly Into Darkness felt like a very watered-down version of Star Trek. It couldn't go two minutes without some action scene, it couldn't get (or dare to be) a bit ponderous and contemplative without some new threat popping up. Finally this movie tries to give a sense of an 'epic' feel but it doesn't work with Star Trek. This movie was trying to be like the dozen or other epic movies out there: Transformers, the new Batman trilogy, LOTR, Superman Returns and so forth.

This is not reinventing Star Trek, instead this is killing the franchise because Star Trek cannot compete with superhero movies and (epic) origins movies which are big on action, bling and intense emotions but very light on a decent plot, morality and more natural character development.

Again that's the problem with origin movies, you rehash a franchise with more modern themes and 'darkness', and you perhaps get a sequel to but when it comes down to it, how has it really developed that particular franchise? The answer it hasn't, all it has done is kept that franchise in the mainstream for a few months while not really adding anything new or substantial. I fear the same as happened to Star Trek now. It's been diluted to the point where the franchise is no different to the other hundred or so action movies out there competing for box office success. Nothing new has been offered and it's no longer a reboot, it's a dilution of a franchise to the point where it is blurred, generic and unrecognisable.

I wouldn't even say this is what the audience wants because new movies of this calibre are now virtually the same: intense action scenes, a few heart-throbbing moments and a very thin story with not much going for it. It's what I suspected anyway, once you take NuTrek's bling there is not much going for it.

And finally two more points: Starfleet feels too much like an army and those caps really suck! It looks like something the North Korean army wears for God sake! Finally in that ceremony scene for captain Pike, I swear to God there was an American flag flying in the background.

With that all said I thought the movie was decent, I laughed in many places for how stupid it was and for all the character assassinations. But the bottom line is this; I would not buy this movie for DVD. Hell even Nemesis and Insurrection are better than this train wreck!

What Star Trek needs is not another makeover, it needs to return to the basics: science, politics, spirituality and morality. Yes add in a bit more drama and action, yes have a decent pace, but each movie and (hopefully) new episode needs to have a lot more food for thought. Even with the bad Trek movies and episodes you always stopped to think about what was going on even if that alien race was cheesy or things didn't quite gel.
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