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Re: Updating FJ's technical manual?

Short of pestering FJ’s daughter about the A/C issue; at this point, we’ll probably never know for sure whether FJ knew of its existence or not?

What we do know is that FJ made it clear in his TM and BOGP’s that no two starships were exactly alike, and all had individual modifications that made each of them unique, and/or that all were in various stages of more or less continuous upgrades that rendered some older technical orders obsolete as they became superseded by newer ones.

This was FJ’s way of letting the fans “have their cake and eat too” as it were, regarding any changes he introduced, either by design or mistake. He even included spaces in his “section indexes” for what’s “current” and what it “replaces” so readers could assume whatever they wanted in this regard.

So, for those who are so inclined, an “updated” FJ tech manual might include those sections detailing what the previous tech orders specified, this could include specific facilities like the auxiliary control, or an addendum detailing more general fleet info like Alex mentioned up thread? This way a lot of supposed inconsistencies could be ironed out?

Of course, for those who want a whole new tech manual starting from scratch, none of the above matters?
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