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Hi - my husband and I just saw STID and I have an initial question - why did Kirk and Spock seem to not really know who Kahn was? I thought the Eugenics Wars still happened in this timeline (in some form or another). Wouldn't there be some information in the Enterprise computers if they input the name Kahn? Or did they just need a reason to bring in Nimoy for a cameo?

You can't really tell me that you felt touched by Kirk's death - especially knowing that he wouldn't stay dead, can you? The hint with the Tribble early on in the movie was quite heavy-handed, after all...

We did feel a different type of sadness. Seeing Kirk ask how not to feel, and confess that he's afraid...for these characters, it worked for me. It was less a loss of a long friendship, than seeing a great friendship ended before it's time.

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