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Re: Favourite to least favourite Trek movies and series

1. Deep Space Nine Just an awesome show. It has its stinkers like any show but excellent characters and story arcs really carry this show and elevate it above other Trek series for my money.

2. The Next Generation This is the Trek I grew up on and would race home each night after school to catch on TV. I had the books, the t-shirts, the toys etc

I recently gave the whole thing a rewatch and fortunately it's still pretty darn good and my spectacles weren't too rose-tinted...

3. The Original Series This is my go to show and the one I can watch even when having missed half the episode. There's just something about it that renders me unable to change the channel when it's on regardless of how many times I've seen the episode...

4. Enterprise This show was disappointing but they had some likeable characters and although much of the later stuff was dismissed as a bit too fan wanky, I enjoyed it.

5. Voyager Just.... shit. In every conceivable way.

1. Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan Actually my favourite movie as a kid and it wasn't until I started browsing internet forums and movie boards that I realised how well regarded a movie it was. It is pretty brilliant.

2. Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country This is in second place for now. It's a movie were I appreciate the things it didn't do wrong more than what it did right which is kinda strange but whatever.

3. Star Trek: First Contact I have few issues with this one. Yes, there are some glaring plot holes (name a Trek movie without) but the benefit of having been with these characters for 7 series and a movie puts me in a forgiving mood. Loved seeing the Defiant as a bonus.

4. Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home This is like a Sunday afternoon film. A fun romp with a decent message. The Trek movie that you'd watch with your mum whilst round for tea.

5. Star Trek V: The Final Frontier Honestly. I like it a lot : /

6. Star Trek III: The Search for Spock I like most of this movie but I wasn't into the Saavik recast (why even use her character at all? She isn't even in the first scene when they return home from fighting Khan so she could have easily been a different character) and some of the Genesis scenes bored me as a kid but there are some cool spaceships and Lloyd is a great Klingon bad guy : )

7. Star Trek: Generations What a miss-step. As if they had Kirk and Picard making eggs and riding around on horses. It's got some charm to it but it's like watching a terrible mid-90s Trek novel.

8. Star Trek: The Motion Picture I like this film a lot but it's a chore to watch sometimes and I'm not into some of the crazy late 70s wing collars and flares uniforms so looks kinda dated, more so than the other films.

9. Star Trek: Insurrection It's just an inoffensive TNG two-parter really.

10. Star Trek: Nemesis Kicking off Star Trek's bad guy in a huge spaceship trilogy is Nemesis. Some crazy decisions (no mention of Lore? Picard clone, really?) and some retconning of the film taking place within the film itself really lets it down. The ships crashing into each other was cool though.

11. Star Trek "Boo! Hiss! You're just a JJ hater!" Actually, I'm an Orci and Kurtzman hater but that's besides the point. Red matter that either sends you back in time or creates black holes depending on what the plot calls for is one of many issues I have this one. Unlike some of the TOS and TNG movies the cast - whilst fine for the most part - are unable to charm their way through this one.
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