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Re: Falling Skies - season 3

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I really loved season one, but I don't think they've shown Season 2 in Canada yet, or at least aired it on the Space channel as far as I know. Would love to see more, but I haven't seen it since.
I think you guys got Season 2? Both Seasons were only 10 episodes long, the first season showing over only 8 weeks (2 episode Piliot, 2 Episode Finale). Second season was either 8 or 9 weeks (Don't remember if both Premiere and Finale were doubled up). So, perhaps you thought the two seasons were 2 halves of the same season? What was the Finale cliff hanger you last saw?

The last episode I saw was when they were ready to meet the aliens face to face, with a Close Encouter-ish ending to it. Is that season one or two? Either way, I haven't heard anything since. Pretty sure I only saw 10 episodes.
That was season 1. We are coming up to season 3.
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