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Re: New Star Wars animated show "Rebels" coming fall 2014

I remember a few of the theories dating back to the time of the original release of AOTC and the first mysteries regarding Sifo-Dyas. One was that he never actually existed, or that he had been a Sith agent or spy on the Jedi High Council during his tenure and working for Darth Sidious to undermine the Order and also the Republic from within.

The first theory didn't hold because Obi-Wan clearly remembered him along with the time of his death when the Kaminoans mentioned his name, and I doubt Obi-Wan and every other Jedi at that time could have been fooled into believing a non-existent Master was real. Besides, he was supposed to be on the Council, and if he never existed that would have made Council sessions kind of awkward.
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