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Re: If STID was a SNW submission... (SPOILERS)

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I enjoyed STID for what it was, but to me ST isn't just action but "thinking and action".
And in Into Darkness, there was both.

Comparing sitting on the Klingon Boarder and firing off torpedoes into Qo'nos with Americas Drone warfare.

Comparing the man hunt for Harrison, you know, the kill him without a trial bit to killing Bin Laden without a trial among others.

Then theirs the speech at the end, the bit about not letting yourself compromise your morals/ethics to do what you think the "greater good".

I understand you may have missed those, because, you know there were quiet a few 'splosions in Into Darkness, but the Enterprise does not fire one weapon in that film.

To me, Into Darkness has all the hallmarks of good Trek, whatever that is and the writers know what they're doing.
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