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Re: DRGIII posted the cover for his The Fall novel on FB.

I’m a little disappointed in the new DS9 for 2 reasons not yet mentioned here:

1) It seems too small. I mean, with the Galaxy-class ship apparently docked with DS9 and the Excelsior-class ship in the background, it makes the station seem fairly small. I thought one of the big points made in Raise the Dawn was that the old station was just too small to keep up with the large amount of traffic in the area and that a bigger station was going to be built. I was expecting and really looking forward to a truly massive station. One with rings large enough to actually allow a Galaxy-class ship [or similar] to enter the ring for docking and repair, etc. Still, this is just a drawing; maybe the station really is big once you actually read what is inside the novels about it.

2) It’s bulk is too focused along one axis. The way the station was described in Raise the Dawn, I was expecting all of the rings—in all three dimensions—were going to be large and full of docking ports and bays. This just makes sense in space; no dimension is any more important than another. It also implied to me that gravity would be oriented differently in the rings; not all oriented in the same direction as the center core. Maybe all oriented toward the center like a world. But this design makes one axis much bigger—and therefore more important—than the others. And that’s a bit of a disappointment.
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