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Re: Starship Size Argument™ thread

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That looks like a "W" shaped bridge structure up top.

That might be interesting as a "small" attack craft on its own.

Now for after market folks to do a new impulse deck for the Revell offering.

growing up, Trek ships were the biggest things on Screen. Now you had the Valley Forge from Silent Running, and Cygnus, but when I first saw the Star destroyer I knew something had changed.

Now Trek ships are finally keeping up with everyone else, and folks are mad. Rather like how folks bashed SLS when I thought bringing Saturn class rockets back would be accepted.

Go Figure.
Yeah a few individuals are having a real problem with the new reality... personally I am loving the new ship sizes, I think it is more realistic and an understandable response to the Narada incursion and destruction of Vulcan.

I would not have minded if the NuEnterprise had been destroyed and the Vengeance had become its replacement, but perhaps that would be a bit too mirror universe in feel.

I was hoping for an extensive refit at the end of Into Darkness with some Vengeance class upgrades, perhaps it will happen at the end of the 3rd film.

Now we are left wondering who will be the next enemy now that the first 5 year mission is underway (a few years earlier than in original series).

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