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Re: Have cultural standards gotten lower?

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Culture is more and more dictated by greed. That's the basic problem.

I can't find the Youtube video, but Craig Ferguson delivered a great cold open monologue to his show about Why Everything Sucks, it was spot on. Our culture adopted, basically based on marketing strategies, the deification of youth. In previous times, we praised beauty, which is a big difference. Youth comes with inexperience and a lot of other disadvantages.
Rabbi Daniel Lapin calls it "materialism," I.e. the belief in the material over the spiritual.
You are confusing two totally different meanings of the word materialism. There's materialism that has to do with greed and the possession of things, and then there is philosophical materialism: that everything that exists exists in the natural world and there is no need for all the supernatural and spiritual stuff. As someone who has very few possessions and is still overwhelmed by the fact that everything I own can't fit in one backpack, I am very much not a materialistic individual. However, as someone who understands how science works and who doesn't believe in gods and magic, I am very much a materialist.

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