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Re: If STID was a SNW submission... (SPOILERS)

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So the question is, had STID been a submission for SNW, would it have been laughed out of consideration?
No. Dean Wesley Smith read far worse.

Dave Mack and John Ordover did an internet radio show in which they talked Star Trek books in the late 90s. They had Smith on once to talk about the kinds of stories he read.

At the time, the most insane story was a Deep Space Nine story. A giant space penis arrived at the station and mated with the Bajoran wormhole.
Do you have a link to that (or just some keywords to help find it)? That sounds hilarious and educational.
I doubt you'll find the interview. The program was called "Star Trek: The Novel Experience." It was on the Pseudo Radio Network. There's probably nothing left of it out there; that was fifteen years ago, which was pretty close to the Jurassic Age in terms of the development of the Internet.

As for the story itself, Wesley didn't read it. He gave a recounting of the concept. I want to say he said the crew watched from Ops with a measure of fascination and horror, but I could be imagining that. I definitely remember the part about the *ahem*. That's the kind of thing that once you hear it you can never unhear.

ETA: I decided to look in Google Groups.

This link may not work. The relevant post comes from John Ordover on July 29, 1998. Ordover discusses why stories were rejected for the first anthology. After talking about the word count issue, he writes:

One was bounced for having a giant penis rape the wormhole.
As someone who, as far as I know, never got a story on Smith's second read pile, this hurts:

But as in anything else of this nature, most were bounced for simply not being able to put English words in a row.
Ouch, JJ, ouch.

The point is, that story really did exist, I didn't imagine the interview, and it was written for the first Strange New Worlds. If Dean Wesley Smith could sit through that, I've little doubt that he would have made it through a Strange New Worlds submission entitled "Into Darkness."
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