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Re: Do you think they could use the Borg in the next movie?

Please, let's not completely skip over the 78 episodes of the original series for more next-generation crap? There are plenty of challenges and species in the original series that haven't been on the air since the 60s. Do something interesting and creative with them, not re-hash Star Trek's most one-dimensional over-done boring antagonists.

I'm tired of the borg appearing everywhere. Anytime anything terrible and cosmic needs to happen, it's always blamed on the Borg, occasionally with a Locutus clone and/or the monologuing queen. Please. Give. It. A. Rest.

What about Gary Seven? The First Federation? The Tholians and Gorn? The Doomsday machine? What about Korby's android duplicates or the androids from Mudd's planet? (Or on that note, what about "The Old Ones" from Korby's world and Silvia's leaders from Catspaw?) Tribbles? The Salt Vampires? Real Andromedans from "By Any other name?"

There's a slew of stuff from the original series that hasn't been touched. Plenty of stuff to reinvent and make better than the Borg. Why does it occur to anyone to skip all of that to return to the Borg? As if they weren't toothless and stale enough?
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