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Re: Brannon Braga on a possible Season 5 through Netflix + More...

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But Tucker was killed off in the finale 'These Are The Voyages'? How would a season 5 work?
Very simple they recruit a new engineer
Simple question to ask here: Why? Why would they need to recruit a new engineer?

If there was ever to be a season 5, when would it be set? There are a few years gap between Terra Prime and the events of These Are The Voyages... so you wouldn't need to recast. If it were to be set after the events of These Are The Voyages... (and whose to say it can't be!) surely there can be a way to bring him back...they did it before - I'm looking at you, Spock! Not to mention, there would be a whole slew of new directions that stories could go in...perhaps Archer and co taking command of the NX-01A (okay, that's just me spitballing, but that's just a fanboy example).

Do I dare say it?...**** it! I'll take the Pepsi challenge and say it. If given the respect the show deserves, and put in the right hands, and if the producers were allowed to take bold but educated risks, there would be no reason why Enterprise-take two couldn't reinvigorate Star Trek as a viable television franchise once again for many years to come.

(What!?!...a man's allowed to dream, right?)
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