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What do you think of death penalty?

I think it's a good method to put off unrecoverable criminals.

I'd apply it for recidivious criminal,independently by the crime committed.

and you?
First, the notion that people should get executed for repeatedly committing petty crimes is utterly preposterous. He stole $100 for the third time? Shoot the bastard!
Second, the death penalty does not seem to have much of a deterring effect.
Third, jurisdiction and justice do not necessarily overlap, mistakes happen. Advocating the death penalty implies being fine with some innocent people being executed.
Fourth, Guatemala is the first country which has recently spoken a sentence against a former head of state genocide (in the country in which it occurred. Once we have justice systems in which the real criminals, i.e. people with political/economic power and thousands of bodies on them, get punished we can talk again about capital punishment.
The illegal we do immediately; the unconstitutional takes a little longer. - former US Secretary of State and unconvicted war criminal Henry Kissinger
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