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Re: United Earth? No Thanks.

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In the ST universe, somebody is deciding for the whole Earth how to produce and allocate resourses, how much to tax from each part of the Earth for central use, how much of our resources (whether money or physical goods) shall be given to the United Federation of Planets (for building Starfleet, etc).

Then somebody in the UFP is deciding what Starfleet is supposed to do and not do. They're deciding who is allowed to colonize desirable uninhabited planets, the ones with good air, water, and soil that are not too far away. Somebody is deciding what constitutes grounds for war with the Romulans, and what should be tolerated as the price of peace.
What is your point, this is the case in the fictional realm of Trek as well as in the real world. You cannot avoid aggregating individual preferences and thus making some people unhappy, this happens in any kind of political system.

Given that your dream is, unlike Roddenberry's, a literal utopia, i.e. not possible at all, given that no political system can respect your personal preferences (besides in its aggregated form) I fail to see which part about "centralized progressive democratic worldwide government which ends wars and hunger" you don't like.

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Then there is no need for a squabble, because every last person on Earth has wholeheartedly joined the same single faction.
No. Journey To Babel has shown that Federation politics can be pretty nasty so United Earth politics is probably similar. Just because you form one political entity doesn't mean that there will be no political conflict, no politics anymore.
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