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Re: Star Trek Continues "Pilgrim of Eternity"

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It wasn't really a call-out to "Spectre of the Gun," it was a nod to Gene Roddenberry's writing for "Have Gun Will Travel"
Not related to this thread but did they use your graphics on the bridge display panels? They don't look as animated as the ones on the Ajax bridge.
No, the bridge set was already established before I came onboard the project. I did provide the correct pattern maps for the displays flashing lights (in the proper sequence, etc.) but there was a problem programming them before filming started and in the end we simply ran out of time so it was dropped. The Ajax set uses LCD monitors so it's a lot easier to get them correct as opposed to physical lighting that is at the Farragut/STC studio. I did some of the set dressing (corridor conduits, food processors, etc.) but that's about it since I came in on this project pretty late. We will be filming another episode later this year so we will continue to improve the sets (which is pretty surreal to walk through, lol).
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