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Re: Favourite to least favourite Trek movies and series

1) DS9
2) TNG
3) TOS
4) VOY
5) ENT
1) The Undiscovered Country
2) The Wrath of Khan
3) The Motion Picture (I love TMP for the very reasons so many people seem to hate it, and I definitely feel it's the most beautiful of them all)
4) The Voyage Home
5) First Contact (The best of the TNG movies, which isn't saying much)
6) Generations (Felt too much like an ending when it should have been a new beginning. Kirk deserved a much bigger and and bolder death)
7) XI (Fresh-looking and visually beautiful, entertaining but not engaging, utterly without substance or heart)
8) The Search for Spock
9) Insurrection
10) Into Darkness (less points than ST09 for being less original)
11) Nemesis (TNG deserved a much much better ending than this drivel)
12) The Final Frontier (pure nonsense)

Overall I much prefer Star Trek on television than as films.
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