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Re: If STID was a SNW submission... (SPOILERS)

The original post reminded me of Diane Carey's first novel, Dreadnaught!

Basically, that book violated every established convention about what a Star Trek novel should not do. In addition to many of the things listed here, it also had a Mary Sue protagonist and was written in first person (gasp!) from her perspective, rather than focusing on the "big three." Why, even the title had an exclamation point in it. Scandal!

And yet, it was one of the finest TOS novels ever written. I remember reading it for the first time as a kid and it was like a breath of fresh air! (Which is also how I've heard many people describe the JJ movies.)

I remember reading something that either one of the editors at the time, or perhaps even Carey herself, wrote that was more or less along the same lines as the OP, only describing Dreadnaught! And, despite breaking all the "rules," the book worked, and worked well, and got published and followed up with a sequel! Which all goes to show that sometimes rules are meant to be broken. (Which sounds like something Kirk, particularly Carey's spin on Kirk, would say.)

The first JJ Abrams movie was inspired in part by Best Destiny - a Carey novel. It would not surprise me at all if the second one was inspired at least in part by Dreadnaught! - it had some similar elements.
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