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Re: Why did they bother...

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And it's almost racist that they got a Chinese actor
Korean, actually.
Sulu isn't a Japanese name, for the record. There is no "l" in Japanese (many Japanese can't even pronounce it), but "Hikaru" is (it means "light"). According to Wikipedia, this is what Takei said of the character:

"Takei recalled Gene Roddenberry wanted the character to represent all of Asia, which symbolized the peace of the Trek universe in spite of the numerous wars in the continent. Roddenberry did not want a nationally specific surname, so he looked at a map and saw the Sulu Sea. "He thought, 'Ah, the waters of that sea touch all shores'," the actor recalled, "and that's how my character came to have the name Sulu." The Sulu Sea is southwest of the Philippines.

There are many Asian-americans in the US that are of more than one nationality. One of my good friends in college is half Japanese, half Caucasian, and she has always identified as American, even giving up her Japanese citizenship. I always assumed the character of Sulu was very much like her (he was born in San Fransisco).

Also, why redo it? Because the last few entries sucked big time. Throw everything out of the window and start again if you can.
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