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Re: Doctor Who accused of racism

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I am watching "Chasing Liberty" a Mandy Moore Romcom about the pressure of dating when you're the first daughter, right now, and I still have the reserve to vomit a little more after learning about this Tyroc person.

Although, to be fair...

All the black people in the world didn't go to an island, it was just a handful of escaped slaves in the 19th century, who then invented super science and... If hyper intelligent telepathic Gorillas could invent super science before the rest of the world why not runaway African slaves half way to America?

Hitler originally wanted to send the Jews to Madagascar. No tricks. He just wanted them out of sight. It wasn't until the Reich Treasurer broke down the cost of humanely shifting that many people so far away, that things got out of hand.
The '70s were a weird time for the legion, another odd story is Cosmic Boy being revealed as a religious fundamentalist who assaults a female co-worker when she asked him to use his super-powers on a special holy day.
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