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Re: Star Trek Continues "Pilgrim of Eternity"

Maurice wrote: View Post
And, as with almost all fanfilms the Captain doesn't motivate the action of make hard decisions. Here he's acquiescing and seeking consensus; this is inherently anti-dramatic.
That's a fair observation, but I think the story is interesting enough that it didn't especially bother me.

Maurice wrote: View Post
I know lots of people don't like Vic, but despite his obvious Shatner impersonation I found him the least cringe-worthy fanfilm Captain yet.
Well boo. Guess the rest of us should just quit now then.

Overall, I thought the acting was fine.

xortex wrote: View Post
Kirk stops McCoy from helping athena bacause of the non interference directive.
That's completely nonsensical, and not supported by what we see on screen.
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