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Re: Doctor Who accused of racism

Konata Izumi wrote: View Post
RTD era was racist as were a few classic stories but this article ignores all the actual cases? Black people were consistently portrayed as idiots under RTD.
Anyone that threatened the Rose/Doctor relationship was portrayed as an idiot by RTD. It's not an issue of racism, but of Davies feeling the need to build his characters up by tearing down those around them.
DalekJim wrote: View Post
RTD threw Martha and Mickey together for no other reason than they're black.
Really? They both walked off with Jack in Journeys End, so it's highly possible they ended up working together at Torchwood for a time... then there's the fact that they've both seen and done things that few other people on Earth could relate to, which as the Doctor has said, makes it harder to have a relationship with someone who hasn't done likewise... not to mention the time they both spent pining for people that didn't appreciate them... I could easily see them bonding over that.

But no, the reason has to be the colour of their skin.
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