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Re: Do you think they could use the Borg in the next movie?

Please, no Borg. The Borg belong to TNG, first. There's no reason why they can't appear in the TOS world, but out of universe, they're TNG just as Q is.

They also stopped being novel when they had a queen. They went from mindless, relentless, unreasoning, unable to reason with beings who behaved like a plague of locusts to just another baddie led by an evil being. So what's new about that?

The other thing is this would be basically a war movie and more or less a remake of FC (in at least the same vein as those who think STID is just TWOK revisited).

One last point, after the anti-militarization-let-get-back-to-what-Starfleet's-primary-role-is-theme of STID, no big scale shoot-em up wars in III for me, please. Out of universe, it's a little cynical to have a story that says Starfleet is about exploration, so let's end with Kirk reminding folks of that as he starts his five year mission, but in reality, war sells, so -- . I think some kind of good action story can come from another direction and be just as whiz-bang. It only takes imagination.
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