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Re: Amok Time doesn't make sense.

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Could you explain to me how it makes sense then that T'Pau should leave out that rather important detail to Kirk (especially after Spock tells her that Kirk does not understand that Spock will do what he must)?
You're attributing to T'Pau a concern for Kirk's welfare that is nowhere evident at this point in the episode. She's pissed that he is even there at all.

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For that matter, wouldn't Spock have let Kirk in on the possibility that he might have to fight someone to the death when he confided to Kirk in his quarters about what was happening to him?
And now you're attributing to Spock the ability to foresee the future. He had no way of knowing T'Pring would invoke the challenge, and certainly no way of foreseeing how Kirk could end up as his challenger.
The T'Pau thing bugs me, too, but not the Spock thing. My impression was that the whole challenge thing was an ancient ritual that was rarely invoked anymore, so Spock had no reason to expect that T'Pring was going to spring that surprise on them.

It's like that part in traditional wedding ceremonies where the preacher asks if anyone present has any objection to these two being joined in matrimony. "Speak now or forever hold your peace," etc.

These days nobody really expects anyone to stand up and object; it's just a formality. Ditto for with the Vulcan challenge ritual; Spock was surprised as anybody else when T'Pring actually chose the challenge option.

"Seriously? Nobody does that anymore?"
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