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Huh? Carol had no conflict with her father until she got curious about all information on the torpedoes vanishing from Federation databases. She states this in the movie. From there, we see her squirm as she learns more and more about the admiral. When we do.
Sorry, but to me there was some kind of byplay that this father/daughter-conflict didn't just come up with the torpedos.

But it they kept him as an all-new villain, people would now be ranting about a "lost opportunity" to revisit Khan.
Maybe people - but not me.

You wanted Kirk to stay dead?
If you had bothered to read instead of commenting phrase by phrase you'd know that I'd have preferred that the death scene had been with Pike - and yes, that Pike had (irrevocably) died in that scene.

You can't really tell me that you felt touched by Kirk's death - especially knowing that he wouldn't stay dead, can you? The hint with the Tribble early on in the movie was quite heavy-handed, after all...

People criticize Spock's death in TWOK because it got rendered meaningless with his return - talk about meaningless sacrifice here with Kirk.

Did Uhura really have to have such a big role?
Ask Nichelle Nichols.
I wouldn't mind Uhura - if her role would have contained more than talking about emotions in inappropriate situations (and beaming down to Earth herself even though that's a security officer's job IMO).

The 2D DVD will be out by Christmas.
Thank God.

Like this one? And a few homages and callbacks to a 31-year old movie do not make a crime.
Sorry, but where was the original material in STID? Khan? Not really. Section 31? Equally not likely.

a bit less action-heavy.
Yeah, we want to hear the heavy-handed messages about tolerance, meetings around long tables about interstellar diplomacy and the rescue of the Andorian ambassador from the surface of Sylax IV.
No idea who you're referring to by "we" - but *I* want to see something like that because if I want action and space fights and exceptionally meaningless dialogue I'd rather see Star Wars.

Let the characters grow and shine
They did!
Who did grow in this movie? Kirk's the only one who got a hint of character development, but everyone else?
"You're my superior officer. You are also my friend. I have been and always shall be yours." (Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan)
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