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Re: Generations was...

I think what makes the BoP battle so lame is the way it was done. Rigging Geordi's VISOR up with a pinhole camera and reading the Enterprise's shield frequencies is just such a stupid plot device, not least because the actual destruction of the ship almost happens as a random afterthought when Riker has already blown the BoP out of existence.

Far more satisfying (although possibly overegging the plot) would be to have focused a bit more on integrating the Duras sisters into the framework of the movie more. Have their attack on Armagosa be because they're trying to build some Big Ass Top Secret Muthaf**king Super Weapon for which they need copious amounts of Trilithium, and while Soran is using them to his own means by co-operating with their plot, they do manage to get the weapon operational. And said weapon is capable of punching through the Enterprise shields.

Or maybe, I dunno, eliminate the Duras sisters from the plot altogether. Isn't it enough for Soran's supernova causing missile to destroy the ship? Instead of having it blow up on the planet's surface, have it miss the Veridian sun and hit the Enterprise instead. Although they could potentially make Picard look like a douchebag.

I give up. Generations is unfixable.
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