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Re: Favourite to least favourite Trek movies and series

I'll go a step further and list short reasons for my choices .

1. The Next Generation (Original Star Trek vision at its best realization; great cast, great development of mythology, and exciting and occasionaly though provoking stories).

2. Deep Space Nine (Darker, but more provocative and thoughtful storylines, more epic story arcs, and good cast of characters.)

3. The Original Series (The one that started it The stories are more hit and miss than TNG, but it has an even better cast.)

4. Voyager (A real mixed bag in terms of the quality of the story telling, but it has an exciting premise and a better cast of characters than Enterprise.)

5. Enterprise (It's cool to see the pre-Federation starfleet, and the origins of many things from the other series'. The cast isn't as interesting or dynamic as the other series, in my opinion, but it has some decent stories.)

Note: I have not seen The Animated Series .

1. Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan (A perfectly paced and exciting movie. Ricardo Montalban is awesome to behold on screen, and the movie has some interesting themes. It is one of only a few Star Trek movies that transcends being a good Star Trek movie, into being a classic scifi/action film in general.)

2. Star Trek: First Contact (The only TNG movie that is above mediocre, and also the second best overall, in my opinion. It's not deep or philisophical, but it is tons of fun, with nice character moments, witty dialogue, thrilling action, and an awesome scene set on the outside of the ship. Data in particular is excellent.)

3. Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country (A nicely executed allegory on the end of the cold war, and reconciliation between two distrusting civilizations, while also being a decent murder mystery. It has great character moments, and a memorable villain. It ends the prime universe original crew movies on a high note.)

4. Star Trek (It has some plot holes and a few too many coincidences, but everything looks great, and is a perfect visual re-imagining of the Star Trek world with modern effects and movie making sensibilities. The actors are perfectly cast in every role, and its fun to re-visit those old characters. The villain is a bit of a throw-away, but the movie was really more about re-introducing the world and crew.)

5. Star Trek IV: The voyage Home (A fun and hilarious movie, that is a nice change of pace from the more fast pace and busy previous two movies. The humor is excellent, and the screen time between the characters is unusually well balanced, and each crew member gets memorable scenes.)

6. Star Trek III: The Search for Spock (The way the story unfolds is a bit cheesy and over the top, even for Star Trek, but it is a fun movie anyway. The battle of wits between the Enerprise crew and the Klingons is enjoyable.)

7. Star Trek: Generations (The general premise of the plot is good, but the thematic implications are under-explored. It's fun to see the captains interact, but there is too little of it overall.)

8. Star Trek: Insurrection (This would have made a good two-parter for the series, but here it doesn't feel like a bit, or good enough story to warrant a film Still, it isn't a bad movie, but it's one of the most forgettable.)

9. Star Trek: Nemesis (The plot isn't actually too bad, but certain aspects of the story defy logic, and the movie is overall kind of messy and confusing. It also feels too long, and tries too hard to be Wrath of Khan.)

10. Star Trek V: The Final Frontier (It actually has some good character moments and development, but the villains relation to Spock feels shoehorned and not-believable. The basic premise is good, but too much badly executed humor, and overall cheesiness make it the second worst Star Trek movie.)

11. Star Trek: The Motion Picture (People call this the Motionless Picture because it is long, plodding and boring. There are way too many long panning views of the Enterprise, and kaleidoscope effects. The premise is very Star Trek-like, but the movie lacks the levity and adventure from the original series. Everyone wears ridiculous outfits.)

Note: I have not seen Into Darkness yet

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