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Re: Doctor Who accused of racism

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RTD era was racist as were a few classic stories but this article ignores all the actual cases? Black people were consistently portrayed as idiots under RTD.

That said it's terribly ageist as is 99% of other tv. If they can get that many kid actors there should be old ones too. Villains are fun but other roles please too.
Neither Mickey, nor Martha were portrayed as being idiots for being Black.

Mickey wasn't treated any more like an idiot or differently early on, then Rory was, and he grew into a great hero that had The Doctor's respect and Martha's only "idiocy" was expecting to get together with a Time Lord on the rebound, She was a Doctor, a Torchwood Agent, a UNIT Agent, she saved the world a couple of times. The Tree Lady certainly wasn't portrayed as idiot. Then of course there was Clyde in SJA
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