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Re: Doctor Who accused of racism

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How come no Green Lantern was ever played by a green actor?
The audience isn't ready for that yet. Maybe in a few years, but, not now, too Controversial.

Yea, 1960s Doctor Who was pretty Racist with caricatures like in Tomb of the Cybermen, but, you'd be hard pressed not to find that kind of thing in most shows from that time. Same with being Sexist.

We've had Mickey and Martha as Companions, the Doctor gave all kinds of respect to the Indian lady in the Silurian two-parter Hungry Earth/Cold Blood, as well as the one in the The God Complex. Classic Who had Brigadier Bamberra in Battlefield.

The Doctor has always been a White Male, not changing him to black is not a sign of racism, it's showing consistency, but, the door is open if/when they have an actor show up who's black and is the best for the part. I don't want them going out of their way to check the box, I just want the best actor for the job, and I would welcome him/her if he/she was black.
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