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Re: is babylonian 5 any good

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How many episodes did any of us ever think that it would apex with the return of DEl Varner... THE MOST DANGEROUS MAN EVER TO STEP FOOT ON BABYLON 5!
Morden, Bester and Kosh II didn't have SHIT on Del Varner. It's lucky he died before the Shadow War because he'd have exterminated both sides.

Never read a B5 novel, am currently loving the DS9 Relaunch. How does it compare to those books? I have pretty high standards for tie-in novels due to the exceptional quality of the Doctor Who VNA and EDA novel ranges.

Love Babylon 5 because it's an attempt to make a Dune saga or Tolkien mythology for the small screen. Appeals to me as Dune and The Silmarillion are my two most read books.
The second Kosh is referred to as Ulkesh, which is not to be mixed up with the Goul'd light bomber from Stargate.

The trilogies (Psi Corps, technomages and Centauri.) came out after the series finished and were controlled by JMS who plotted the shit out of those SOB's unilike the stand alone novels (some written by mercenaries before the pilot aired.) which was just Warner Brothers trying to make as much money as possible.

And really!

I saw DEl Varner go up against Jonathan Archer and the Silders.

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