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Re: If STID was a SNW submission... (SPOILERS)

Would ANY of the movies be allowed as SNW submissions?

*James Blish already novelized "The Changeling" in 1972.

*a torpedo that does what??

*Bring back Spock how??

*Star Trek would never use time travel so recklessly. If it did, Kirk would be living happily with Edith Keeler in the 23rd century.

*Spock has a brother? Fail.

*This story blatantly contradics "Yesterday's Enterprise" which already established that peace with the Klingons stems from an event 22 years prior to TNG.

*Destroying the Enterprise-D and killing Captain Kirk twice? Nu-uh.

*A Borg queen?? GTFO.

*Picard's stance in this story contradicts his in "Homeward" with no explanation.

*Inventing the Remans? Killing the entire Romulan leadership? Shinzon is a twentysomething PICARD CLONE??? Leave. Now.
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