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So, do we know why Goldsmith chose not to use Courage's theme?

On a pedantic note, it should be said upfront that he did use it, as an underscore to the Captain's Logs throughout the movie.

But yes, obviously we know he chose to replace it. I was wondering though, has Goldsmith ever expressly said why he decided to do this, rather than just using an upscaled version of Sandy Courage's TV theme music? Was it a design choice on his part? Did he decide that it suited the movie better to have it's own theme, a more rousing and completely theatrical theme tune rather than the one heard on TV?

Courage and Goldsmith were pals in real-life (and indeed Goldsmith asked Courage in to help out with the conducting of the TV series theme for the afforementioned Captain's Logs). So I know it probably wasn't animosity on Goldsmith's part... did he ever set the record straight on this?
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