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Re: Kirk's Television Enterprise Deck Plans WIP

@ Godblessed1701

I'm happy you like it but please try not to exaggerate (I might get delusions of grandure ). Keep in mind these are not drawings of my own but at this stage just copies of the studio set plans which I use as jigsaw puzzle pieces for assembly and alignment.

The tough part is to examine the actual TOS footage, reflect it in these corridor segments and stay clear as good as possible of contradictions. Which is one of the reasons why I'm currently somehow stuck. Each time I find a solution, there's a nasty contradiction that comes along as a "price tag".

There's almost an infinite amount of possible combinations but I'm still looking for the optimal one (i.e. most solutions, least contradictions).

@ CDR6

Nice that you assume I'm still sane. I'm most definitely obsessed and never before in my life have I been that deep into the subject. While some feel sticking to the actual information onscreen is "slavish" I consider it to be a challenge which is the driving force of this project.

And, of course, I'm myself curious how this turns out in the end.

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